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Требования к серверу

- Windows XP, 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, Windows Vista Home Premium/Business/Enterprise/Ultimate or Windows 7 (both 32bit and 64bit)
- Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher
- Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) or Visual Studio/Visual Web Developer 2008/2010 built-in web server
- Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 (including free SQL Server Express Edition)

Требования к хостингу

- ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 (or higher) and Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 support
- Medium-trust or full-trust permissions for the ASP.NET application

If the server uses medium trust, ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 must be installed on the server.
It's recommended that your hosting plan comes with 250 MB or more memory and 100+ MB database

Windows Azure

Kentico CMS fully supports the Microsoft Windows Azure platform, including SQL Azure, Azure Storage and other services. Windows Azure SDK 1.5 is required.

Средства разработки

If you want to create custom web parts or integrate custom code, you need Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 or Visual Web Developer 2005/2008/2010 Express Edition

Браузеры для редакторов контента

IE 7.0, IE 8.0, IE 9.0
Firefox 3.5+
Chrome (12+)
Safari 4.0+ or Firefox 3.5+ on Mac OS

Поддерживаемые типы браузеров для посетителей сайта

IE 6.0, IE 7.0, IE 8.0, IE 9.0
Firefox 1.0.5+
Chrome (12+)
Mozilla 1.7.1+
Netscape 7.1+
Opera 7.52+
Safari or Firefox on Mac OS
Mobile browsers, such as Safari on iPhone, are supported as well, but some features may be limited by browser capabilities.